Here’s what you need to know about Thailand’s fast growing mobile gaming ecosystem

VMAX Thailand's fast growing mobile ecosystem

One of the upcoming mobile ecosystems in Southeast Asia to watch out for is Thailand. Not just is the country’s smartphone adoption growing, but also its love for mobile gaming. According to a Newzoo report, mobile gaming contributed to USD 171 million in revenues, which was 51% of the country’s total gaming revenue, which itself is pegged to grow at a CAGR of 31% between 2013 and 2017.

What is driving this rapid growth of mobile gaming in the country? The fact that Thailand’s economy is fast growing, certainly has a bearing on how people in the country are rapidly adopting smartphones. One third of the country’s population owns a smartphone. Internet penetration the country is at 42%. This means more people are coming online and accessing digital content on smartphones.

Mobile gaming happens to be one of the most popular pieces of content on smartphones, owing to the fact that today’s smartphones can offered gaming experiences that are highly engaging and immersive when compared to other traditional media. It is therefore not surprising that Thailand today has over 13 million active mobile gamers. 49% of these gamers spend money on mobile games, relatively higher than the 45% global average.

Racing games is the most popular genre among Thai mobile gamers who spend money on games. The average spender is between 21 to 35 years of age and 55% of these gamers are males. Given the fact that Thailand ranks 9th on the Google Play Store in terms of app downloads, means there is a lot of potential here for app developers to grow their app business.

However, if you’re a game developer from Southeast Asia, here’s something that you should know about. Only 35% of the top games in Thailand come from app publishers from the West, the lowest among all Southeast Asian countries. Top global game publishers such as King and Supercell are by far the most dominant western publishers figuring in the top 20 ranking. Mobile games originating from Asia are largely popular among Thai gamers and this means there is tremendous opportunity for game developers from Asia to win in this market.

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