Increase user engagement and grow your app business with VMAX™ Promotions

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What good is any app if there are no users for it? Building a great app will get you users, however going that extra mile and marketing your app well definitely get you those prized users. An app’s typical journey starts with discovery and should go on to monetization, wherein, after your app has reached a certain mass appeal, you look at monetizing it to get maximum returns on your app efforts.

There are many ways to market the apps you create. However, while you create more apps and your app business grows, your current apps have been getting popular and steadily building a user base. This captive user base is perhaps the best audience to market your new apps to. With a certain degree of loyalty towards your app as a brand, your current user base is more likely to try out a new app that you’ve created. It would definitely prove more cost-effective to cross-sell your new apps to these users first than trying to get new users to use your app.

The Promotions feature in VMAX™ lets you promote your own apps through house ads on your existing ad inventory. With Promotions, you can not only promote your new apps to your existing app users, but also use house ads to increase engagement for your existing apps. You can use house ads to promote features or content within your app that a user might have not discovered yet. This increases the chances of engagement which translates further increase in ad revenue for the app.

With VMAX™, you can choose how much percentage of your ad inventory gets allocated for Promotions thereby giving you the flexibility to maximize the use of ad inventory, while your app continues to deliver ad revenue from other sources.