Simplifying ad monetization for app developers with VMAX™

Simplifying ad monetization for app developers with VMAX featured

So you’ve built an awesome app. You’ve also made some progress on the app monetization side and your apps are starting to pay for themselves. However, despite putting in so much energy in monetizing your apps, you run into challenges trying to get the maximum yield out of them.

Things such as integrating an ad partner, plugging in an SDK, monitoring an array of dashboards from different ad network takes a lot of time and effort, which could otherwise be spent on other core focus areas such as enhancing the app user experience or even creating more apps. Here is where VMAX™ comes in to make app monetization hassle-free for you. VMAX™ is built to work with one objective – To give you complete control over your app monetization and make it simple for you.

Make the most of different ad types
The very basic premise of mobile advertising done the right way is to provide a mobile ad experience that is non-intrusive, seamless and relevant for the user. With VMAX™, you can choose the ad type that you think works the best for your app – native, video, incent or display.

Ads from multiple ad partners
VMAX™ then helps you earn maximum revenue for apps, by enabling you to source these ads from multiple ad partners, be it ad networks, ad agencies or programmatic buyers.

A single SDK
A big challenge often faced is integrating these multiple ad partners. Plugging in an SDK each time an ad network is integrated, not just leads to a waste of time and effort, but also makes the app heavier. VMAX™ makes this integration absolutely easy for you, with a single SDK that helps you integrate with multiple ad partners and supports multiple ad formats.

Complete control
But while you work your way through these ad partner integrations, VMAX™ ensures that you are in total control of your app monetization. It lets you choose which ad partner these ads come from, how much inventory an ad partner can fill, and even set these priorities at a geographical level.

Drive your app monetization or run it on auto-drive
While all this makes app monetization easier for you, VMAX™ takes it one notch up. The platform gives you the power to decide whether you want to drive your app monetization or run it in auto-drive, while you focus on building apps or enhancing your current app experience. Even while in auto-drive VMAX™ continues to maximize yield for you with ads sourced from the best ad partners.

Unified Dashboard
Even after you have your app monetization plan up and running, managing it is a big challenge. Ads are being sourced from multiple ad partners, with each one having its own dashboard to monitor and manage the integration. You may have multiple such apps. With VMAX™, what you get is a unified dashboard which gives complete and transparent reporting of your app monetization across all your ad partners.

Needless to say, monetizing your apps is absolutely crucial for the success of your business. But while you do so, why not do it the hassle-free way and yet achieve maximum returns. Sign up with VMAX™ and see your app yield get maximized.