Unlock greater user engagement and ad revenue with video ads

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People are watching more videos on their smartphones today than ever before. In fact, a Cisco-VNI estimate suggests that video traffic made up for 55% of the global mobile data traffic by the end of 2014. In 2015, this figure is only set to go up as increasing smartphone penetration, improving connectivity and availability of devices with better video playback capabilities will have more people accessing video content.

This means you as app publishers too have a better opportunity to leverage video ad content as the users’ devices are now quite capable of handling such content. As opposed to other ad formats, the advertiser is able to pack in, a lot more messaging in a very creative and appealing way with video ads, encouraging the user to stay with the ad for a longer period and interact with it, thus resulting in greater engagement and Click-Through Rates (CTR).

In fact, industry estimates suggest that 60% of all mobile users have watched more than three-fourth of a video ad’s runtime length and mobile video ads result in a 6 times increase in CTR.

Video ads can be implemented in different ways to take advantage of the app experience that they will be a part of, while ensuring that the user experience is not negatively impacted. The types of video ads that can be effectively used to drive engagement include:

  • Interstitial
    These are full screen HTML ads that feature video ad content embedded as a part of the overall ad content. These can appear between app transitions, so as to not affect the user experience. This ad format is recommended for both games and apps.
  • Video interstitial
    These are full-screen video ads based on the Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) standard that appears in landscape mode between app transitions. They provide a richer and more immersive video ad experience thus further encouraging users to watch the entire ad content. This ad format is recommended for both games and apps.
  • Rewarded video
    They appear as full screen video ads in landscape mode that reward users if they choose to watch the video. Rewards can be in the form of unlocked content within a game, in-game currency or limited free access to other apps or games. For instance, a rewarded video ad can appear after a user has failed to complete a level, promising him to complete it if the ad is watched. This ad format is recommended particularly for mobile games with in-app purchases or virtual goods.
  • Pre-roll Video
    Pre-roll video ads are integrated natively within video content and appear for a few seconds before the actual video starts playing. These ads promise a higher degree of engagement as users end up watching the ad before they are taken to the actual video content. Additionally, the advantage of pre-roll ads is that the video experience stays seamless as the ad content does not actually take the user away from the video content or video app experience. This ad format is only suited for pure video content.

VMAX™ supports all of these video ad formats and gives you the power to choose the format that best suits your app or content experience. While interstitial, pre-roll and interstitial video ads have been around for while now, it is rewarded video that today promises greater engagement and thus higher ad revenue, especially with mobile games. Choose rewarded videos and you as the app publisher will be rewarded with greater returns on your app monetization.
To know more about video ads you can reach out to us at: developer@vmax.mobi