Update to VMAX™ SDK for Android: DEX Method count reduced by 65%

VMAX SDK DEX Method count reduced featured image

When creating an app for the Android platform, the Dalvik Execution (DEX) specification puts a 65,536 limit to the total number of methods that can be referenced within a single DEX file – be it Android framework methods, library methods, and methods in your own code. This greatly impacts how an app publishers can enhance the app experience or add more features, as these things might result in an increase in the app code base – which translates to a possible increase in the DEX method count.

We’ve always talked about making it simple for app publishers to make money from their apps and an SDK plays a crucial role in it. While we’ve focused on the features an ideal mediation SDK should offer, we’ve always tried to ensure that our SDK is that ideal SDK. We’ve taken this one step further, making it easier to integrate the VMAX™ SDK for Android and in turn, further simplify app monetization for app publishers. Here’s what has changed in the VMAX™ SDK for Android:

  • We’ve reduced the DEX method count for the VMAX™ Android SDK version 3.5.0 to under 2000.
  • The method count for the SDK was reduced through deprecated usage of Android Volley framework considering the fact that Android 6.0 Marshmallow, removes support for the Apache HTTP client. Also no additional parser library dependency is required for VAST ads as it uses Android Framework APIs now. These optimizations have also helped push the overall size of the base SDK down to under 200 KB.
  • While we’ve reduced the method count, we’ve not compromised on the features the SDK has to offer. This means we are able to pack in support for more ad formats and offer features even while keeping the DEX method count under 2000.

Now, once the updated SDK is integrated, all the features that it has to offer can be leveraged by calling a lot less number of methods. This removes any constraint that the SDK might have had on app publishers wanting to add more features or enhancing the app experience, which might require them to call additional methods.

Don’t wait, upgrade to the latest version of the SDK and have your apps make you more money, while offering your users a great usage experience. You can find the latest version of the SDK here.

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