VMAX™ – App Yield Maximized [VIDEO]

VMAX Intro video featured

As more people get connected via smartphones, and want to be able to do everything right from watching videos, researching information to booking a cab and ordering groceries via an app, the world will demand more apps to be built. As app publishers build more apps, the app development efforts will become full-fledged businesses that need to make money.

Naturally, app publishers will increasingly looking at monetizing apps. As they go about monetizing their apps, publishers realize that the ecosystem is ever-evolving. There are so many partners to work with, each with their own reporting mechanism, and so many different ad formats to choose from, that it is making app monetization quite complex. App Publishers will need a simpler way to monetization, a solution that gives them complete control and the ease of managing the complexities of app monetization.

Presenting VMAX™, a one-stop solution that simplifies ad monetization for app publishers. To know how VMAX™ maximizes app yield for publishers check out the video below: