Want an immersive user experience for your gaming app? Think Incent Ads

VMAX mobile games incent ads featured image

Gaming is perhaps the most popular type of content that gets consumed on smartphones today. Almost all smartphone users, at some point, have played a mobile game on their device. On the other hand, today’s smartphones, with their advanced processing and graphic capabilities are encouraging game publishers to create highly immersive and enriching gaming experiences.

How does mobile advertising then keep up with this, to offer an ad experience that is equally immersive and unintrusive? The answer lies in incent ads. Incent ads shown within a game, reward users with virtual currency or content that is native to the game when they engage with the ad.

Engagement with these ads is much higher since users proactively engage with the ad, as it helps their progress within the game by rewarding them with coins, unlocked features or content. Due to their gamified nature, incent ads can blend into the mobile gaming experience, offering an ad experience that users do not find intrusive. Incent ads offer an ad experience that is highly native to a mobile gaming experience.

This vastly improves the chances of engagement with the ad which in turn, results in greater returns on the ad revenue. Two incent ad formats are highly popular: offerwall and rewarded video.

  • An offerwall is typically a list of apps for the users to choose from. On choosing to download one of these apps, the user is rewarded with in-game currency or unlocked game content.
  • Rewarded video ads, as the name suggests, reward users with in-game currency or content if they watch the video for its entire duration.

The advantage developers get with incent ads is that they can choose how they can be launched during the game, such that they seem to be an extension of the gameplay. For instance, if a user has earned 300 coins in the game and needs 200 more to unlock a new character, the developer can strategically push the incent option at this point. Thus the developer stands to gain more ad revenue while offering the user a seamless and non-intrusive ad experience.

With VMAX™, you gets access to an array of incent ad partners, be it offerwall or rewarded video. Ad partners such as TapJoy and Bee7 bring you the best-in-class offerwall incent ads that increase your revenue opportunities with your gaming app. With ad partners such as AdColony, Vungle, Chartboost and Supersonic, you get access to high quality rewarded video ads that result in greater ad revenue for your gaming apps.

Here’s what our customers had to say about incent ads with VMAX™. Loc, CEO, PIXA, a popular Vietnamese app publisher says, “The fact that I can easily switch to ad networks that offer higher eCPMs and allocate traffic to each market makes VMAX™ a really great mediation platform. Integrating many ad types in my app is really convenient as I need to use only one SDK to display incent ads.”

To know how VMAX™ can help maximize the yield for your gaming apps with incent ads, get in touch with us at developer@vmax.com.