Why India should be on every mobile game publisher’s radar

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Recently, we talked about how India is the next big playfield for mobile game developers. Back then, we observed how smartphones have changed the face of digital gaming in India, effectively putting a gaming device in every hand, making digital gaming much more accessible to user.

The result is that today, mobile gaming has gathered tremendous speed and becoming one of the most popular types of content being consumed on smartphones today in India. In fact, findings from the recent Vserv Smartphone User Persona Report (SUPR) 2015 suggest that a major chunk of the Indian smartphone users’ time spent on their devices, is taken by mobile gaming.

For instance, there are smartphone users in the country who spend as much as 211 minutes a day on their devices. Out of this, close to 30 minutes are spent on mobile gaming. Even those smartphone users, whose device usage is primarily utility-driven spend at least 10 minutes a day on mobile gaming.

What has made mobile gaming so popular among Indian users is the fact that it has managed to successfully fill the digital gaming void that has long persisted in India due to entry cost, broadband accessibility and portability barriers to desktop or console gaming.

On the other hand, increasing smartphone adoption has led to a variety of devices being available across all price-ranges providing a rich mobile gaming experience. As a result, mobile gaming is seeing growing popularity even across genres. According to the report, of all the gaming genres, Puzzles saw the highest level of reach among users with over 49%. Smartphone users on an average spent over 10 minutes per day playing games of this genre.

However, Strategy-based mobile games saw the highest amount of engagement with smartphones users spending over 15 minutes per day on games of this genre. Card based games were the next most engaging genre of mobile gaming with smartphone users spending over 12 minutes a day on them .

With a Newzoo estimate pegging the number of mobile gamers in India at 267.4 million by 2016, there is a big mobile gaming market opportunity waiting to be tapped by app publishers.