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Daily Hunt

India’s leading mobile app for news & books in regional languages

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One of India's fastest growing Mobile Gaming Companies

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India's leading Mobile Game Developer & Publisher


Indonesia's largest online internet community


India's leading Online Auto Marketplace

1mg App

India's leading Health App

Sony LIV

India's premium Video on Demand Service

Touchren Games

No.1 Game Publisher in Indonesia

Tea Mobi

Vietnam's leading Mobile Gaming Studio

Perfect Thum

Makers of Vietnam’s leading Fitness App – Perfect 7 Workout

Code Mobi

Creator's of the No.1 Mobile TV App in Thailand- TV Thailand

Customer Testimonials
Roki Soeharyo
"With VMAX, we’ve seen the best yield possible for each of our ad units and this makes us very happy. Its SDK’s lower DEX method count has enabled us to keep our app file size small, and yet optimize our ad revenue while maintaining the performance of our game apps. The team’s commitment towards customer success and the support that they provide us, is unmatched in the industry."
-Roki Soeharyo, Co-Founder, TouchTen Games

Sudhir Sundrani
"The VMAX team has been phenomenal in helping us set up ad mediation. Their proficient technical expertise and flexibility to customize their solution to our app needs was the USP for us."
-Sudhir Sundrani, Sr. Product Manager, DailyHunt

Suhaib Husain
"VMAX is a boon for publishers looking to add incremental value to their app's performance. It's ease of adding multiple ad networks without having to integrate each separately makes it a hassle free solution. Additionally, the ability to switch between ad partners to get the best app yield just makes it a complete performer."
Suhaib Husain, AGM – Digital Sales, The Hindu

Narasimha Reddy
"VMAX is an easy to use, simple platform that makes monetization much easier for us. At Dumadu, our focus is always to deliver the best user experience. With VMAX, we can choose the ad types that best suit our app experience requirements. The access to multiple ad partners means our ad revenue opportunities are enhanced further with VMAX.​"
-Narasimha Reddy, Founder and CEO, Dumadu Games

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