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Customizing your Dashboard

The unified Dashboard gives you a holistic view of how your adspots, apps, and campaigns are performing. You can add one or more widgets and view analytics for the last 7 days, last 30 days, or from the start of the month.

There are two ways to add widgets to the Dashboard:

  1. Using the add_widget drawer
  2. Using the pin_to_dashboard link

Dashboard Widgets

Click on the widget settings icon to configure or delete an existing widget. One or more links are present at the bottom of the widget to give you quick access to additional information on the same.

Using the Add Widget drawer

Standard widgets are provided in the Add Widget drawer in the right side of your screen. Here, you can view an app’s or adspot’s performance, compare individual metrics for an app or adspot, compare one or more apps or adspots, or list the top apps or adspots based on their performance.

  1. Open the Add Widget drawer.
    01 Add Widget
  2. Choose a widget from the list. The Configure Widget window opens.
    02 Add Widget - Popup
  3. In the Configure Widget window, select the app or adspot and define various parameters as required.
  4. Click Add Widget to add the widget to your dashboard.

Using the Pin to Dashboard link

When viewing information on an app or adspot or when comparing two apps or adspots, you will be shown the Pin to dashboard link at the top right of the page. Click this link to add this as a widget to the Dashboard.