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Lightweight & Powerful VMAX SDK - A developer’s delight!

  • Built for versatility - across mobile, desktop & connected TV.
  • Stable support for all, Android, iOS, and JS(PWA)
  • In-built support for global ad formats
  • Truly Customizable

Fastest Ad Delivery Guaranteed!

We take immense pride in our speedy and swift delivery of ads. Clocking up to 100ms even with a high volume of campaigns and user based targeting.

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Integrating the Vmax SDK is easy!

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For developers who enjoy personalization, we offer in-depth documentation and integration support.

VMAX Public APIs : Friction-less integrations

Console, Ad Delivery, Analytics

  • VMAX Console API gives you holistic access, support for creation and end-to-end management of campaigns, adspots and configuring your apps and websites.

  • VMAX Analytics API gives you access to all dimensions, metrics, and events of your ad business along with a comprehensive set of filters and aggregations.

  • VMAX Ad APIs allow you to seamlessly bridge communication between your Apps/Websites and the VMAX Delivery backbone.

  • Easily Pull and render ads with VMAX Ad API

    Our Ad API supports serving multiple ads in a single HTTPS transaction to optimize network bandwidth.

Latest Tech Stack

Built with best-in-class tech products, components, and frameworks such as Spark, Laravel 8, Druid, Redis, Spring Boot, and Kafka.

Robustly Secured.

  • On-boarding your first party data on VMAX is secure by design with VMAX.

  • VMAX does not use or store any RAW user data for it's functionality. Instead it uses data structures like bloom filters for targeting and theta sketches for campaign planning/analytics.

  • Convert your RAW user data into bloom filters and theta sketches, or directly ingest bloom filters and theta sketches created by you.

Premium Support

Connect with our friendly and reliable in-house experts providing live-technical support.

24x7 premium support for all your needs and queries.