Comprehensive Ad Tech solution that meets the business needs of you and your advertisers.

Delight your advertisers

Friction-free Audience Data Management

  • Leverage your first-party data or upload your advertisers’ audience for targeting.
  • Easy 3rd Party Integration for you to manage and control your own DMP
  • Easily import your data from multiple platforms to VMAX.

Programmatic ready platform: Unlock a higher revenue potential NOW!

  • Run Preferred Deals, Programmatic Guaranteed Deals, and Direct Deals.
  • Support for various universal DSPs.
  • Seamless Integration for you to choose the types of audience you wish to target your advertising to.

Watch your revenue soar high with fast streaming video ads

  • Serve faster out-stream and in-stream video ads to your audience.
  • Capture high revenue across devices with our VMAP and VAST technology.
  • Full VMAP support enables you to manage mid stream ad breaks very efficiently
  • Measure the viewability of your video ad on the Moat dashboard via the Open Measurement Viewability tracking SDK.

Customizable Ads: Freedom to create your own unique experiences.

  • Innovate unique ad experiences & significantly lift revenue for you and your advertisers
  • Define your own ad format (be it native, video or display) as per your requirements.
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Ad Network Mediation

Enhance the value of your inventory with multiple ad networks supported on VMAX.

  • Centralized access to multiple ad networks (Client-side and Server Side integrations) with one SDK integration.
  • Leveraging an optimization algorithm to determine which mediated ad network can fill the developer's inventory with the highest revenue.

Extensive Campaign Control

Be the chief of your campaign

Assign Budget/Model
for your Partner Campaigns



3rd Party


Campaign Action

Multichannel Demand Integration

Meet your desired objectives to accelerate your revenue growth.


Private & Public


Open RTB based
integrations with DSPs

S2S Network


Precise Audience Targeting

Easy Audience Management for you and your advertisers

  • Custom Audience Targeting
    (Freedom to create your own personalized audience bucket. Easily import audiences from your own DMP)

  • Precise Audience Targeting
    (Gender, Age Group, Geo, Carrier, OEM, Device Type)

Yield optimization by advanced Data Science Algorithms

Data Science Bandit Algorithms led Campaign & Ad Selection. Machine learning algorithms also help ascertain how your ads perform, enabling you to optimize the ad’s performance through insights and recommendations.

Intelligent Ad serving based on




Unified & Intuitive Console

So intuitive and empowering, that you are focusing more time on growing your ad business and less time managing tabs.

One-stop console for all your analytics and ad management

User Specific Dashboards

Real Time Analytics

App & Ad Monetization Management

Granular Reporting

Export Widget Data

Add/Remove Widgets

Customize your Ad Tech Roadmap with VMAX.

With VMAX as the base, evolve your own differentiating roadmap.

Leverage our Public APIs and our extensive support to do more.

  • Campaign Management:

    Leverage VMAX campaign management API to build your own campaign management interface customized to your business needs.

  • Analytics:

    VMAX provides you with an Analytics API that can be integrated with your business intelligence tool which enables you to excel in presenting your data, giving you a leading edge in the market.

  • Ad serving:

    Not sure whether to plug-in a SDK? VMAX provides you with a flexible ad serving API that you can implement to deliver your ads.

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