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Requesting Incent-based Ads – Android Unity

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Incentivized mobile ad networks allow app developers and mobile advertisers to reward users for an action. The user is required to complete a specific task in exchange for a prize, such as virtual currency. So increase your app revenue by serving offers and monetizing your non-paying users.

SDK 3.6.0 onwards

Integration of Rewarded Interstitial Ad Format

Construct an object of the Class VmaxPlugin and pass the AdspotId and uxType as the parameter into the constructor.

Note: It is required to initialize VMAXPlugin with AccountKey for RewardedInterstitial.
Make sure to call it before making ad request and call it only once. Rewarded Interstitials as an ad format was not available before SDK 3.6.0.

Request for Rewarded Interstitial Ad

To show ad

Make sure to unregister VmaxAdReward inside onDestroy() to avoid memory leak

Request for Rewarded Video Ad

To show ad

Additional Information


Below SDK 3.6.0

Integration of Rewarded Video Partners

Following are Reward Video Incent Partners AdColony, Vungle, UnityAds and Chartboost. VMAX provides unified rewarding system for above listed partners. One can configure reward amount and maximum impression cap on Vmax dashboard for respective adspot/adspot.

Vmax SDK supports wallet management to maintain walletElements also known as currency name which stores respective currency amount or total reward amount. And provides provision of getting total virtual currency, spending virtual currency, awarding virtual currency.

Below snippet shows initialisation of Wallet with Rewarded Video Ads:

Initialisation of WalletElement

WalletElement Description

WalletElement Callbacks

Initialisation of RewardVideo

RewardVideo Description

RewardVideo Callbacks

Create VmaxPlugin Object

Description of above apis

Callbacks for VmaxPlugin

Note: Ensure that you handle the life cycle for VmaxPlugin

Other WalletElement apis

Passing Custom Data for RewardVideo

The VMAX SDK allows you to pass extra data that is then available in a postback URL.

Visit the VMAX Control Panel and enter the postback URL in Settings >> Apps and Adspots >> Rewarded Video Adspots. Once you define the key value pairs here, and configure the postback URL, you will get these keys and values as additional URL parameters on your server.

RewardVideo Popup Handling

By default the pre popup, post popup,no fill popup,impression cap popup dialogs are disabled. You can enable any or all dialogs if you don’t want to show that dialog to user. You can do this by using below code with your RewardVideo object.

You can also set your own title and message for the dialog.
You can do this by going to \Assets\Plugins\Android\res\values\vmax_strings.xml file and change the existing message.

NOTE: When you change the message, ensure that you keep and as these are the place holders, for showing the reward amount and currency name respectively.

Integration of OfferWall Incent Partners

Complete the following steps to support mediation with Tapjoy,Bee7 incent Partners.
Add google-play-services_lib folder to PROJECT_PATH\Assets\Plugins\Android folder. The google play services is required for Tapjoy and Bee7 partners.
Fill the required details on the VMAX web interface to start mediation for that adspot.

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