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Requesting Billboard ads – Android Unity Plugin

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For SDK version below 3.6.0, you need to create a billboard adspot in VMAX for billboard ads. Billboard ads are available in the following sizes:

  1. 300×250
  2. 480×320
  3. 480×800
  4. 1024×600
  5. 320×480
  6. 600×1024
  7. 800×480

Note: Please ensure that you have turned off the refresh from the mediation partner’s web interface when using a fresh integration of VMAX SDK 3.4.0 or higher. This change in settings is not required when updating from an earlier version to 3.4.0 or higher.

To request for a Billboard Ad

SDK 3.6.0 onwards

Construct an object of the Class VmaxPlugin and pass the adspotId , uxType as the parameter into the constructor.

Before SDK 3.6.0

Construct an object of the Class VmaxPlugin and pass the adspotId , uxType as the parameter into the constructor and false for the last param.

Additional Information


SDK 3.6.0 onwards

Before SDK 3.6.0

Note: Ensure that you handle the lifecycle of VmaxPlugin

Requesting Billboard Ads with Strict Dimension (SBD)

Below is sample snippet to fetch SBD Ads for Size 300×250 for SDK version below 3.6.0

Note: UX type for the aforementioned ads will be UX_INLINE_DISPLAY. “Sbd” with fixed value (banner size) is mandatory for all above cases which need to be passed via the VMAX plugin. Refer to the code Snippet shown below. Mediation partners Admob, Facebook, and Millennial Media support ads of the size “300×250”. Millennial Media provides the provision for creating different ids for banner and rectangle ads (300×250) so ignore any hardcoded size passed by Millennial Media SDK.

Show/Hide Billboard Ads

You can show/hide banners using showBanner() and hideBanner() APIs.

Managing Refresh Rate for Banner Ads

You can manage the the frequency at which the Banner Ads are refreshed using the setRefreshRate() method. The minimum Ad Refresh rate is 30 seconds; setting a lower value will default to 30 seconds.
Here is the example to setRefreshRate():

To set Demographic parameters using VMAX API use below mentioned APIs.

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