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Today we introduce you to Pallavi, a 29 year old HR professional in Delhi who decided to take a bus ride to her workplace on a perfect cloudy day. While she got out of her building gate she noticed the security guard staring into his five-point-something inch smartphone while waiting for the shift change. As she walked to the bus stop, she noticed a few other waiting passengers from different age groups, cranking their necks into their mobile devices. Through the day she witnessed several other similar instances and quickly smiled to herself as she relates to each one of them.

Pallavi herself has been hooked to the screen for her daily entertainment and infotainment for the past couple of months. While she thought a select few are exposed to Digital Entertainment, she soon observed the trend has percolated to the masses and the industry reports say no different. Also multiple players survive in an almost saturated market, low data & hardware costs and an increased appetite for good quality content.

Having multiple options available for viewers to choose from, one app that stands out is nexGTv. This award winning app offers much more than video-on-demand. Name a format and you will find it – Live TV, TV shows, Movies and much more. nexGTv is currently the only platform in India that offers updated Breaking and Non-stop news as a separate category. Viewers looking for unique content will find nexGTv as home ground since it offers Original Content and short movies in the Spotlight section. Another feature that increases the utility value of this app is Quicky – a section where viewers can input the amount of time they have at hand to view a video. The app will accordingly show options of content that does not exceed the timeframe. Afterall, what more can one ask from a digital entertainment app.


With hours of unique content, compatibility with all operating systems, nexGTv easily becomes one of the few apps that can cater to the varying moods of a viewer.

To explore the content, download the app on Android, iOS, Windows and Tizen.

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