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Testing the Integration – Android SDK

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The SDK Integration can be tested by either setting your integration to test mode for certain devices or for all devices before requesting ads.

Validating the SDK Integration

The SDK Integration Tool helps you in checking the integrity of the APK file with VMAX integration on Microsoft Windows. You can download the Integration Validator Tool here.

  1. After downloading, extract the archive to a folder.
  2. Navigate to the folder IntegrationApps and place one or more APK files in it for validation.
  3. Open SDKIntegrationValidator.exe. The result of this validation is saved in the file log.txt located in the folder logs. After evaluating and fixing the bugs if any, you should proceed with the on-device testing.

Enabling the Test Mode

  1. In the Adspot Manage page, under Ad Source Distribution, click Manage Promotions.
  2. Activate the checkbox to Enable Test Mode Settings.
  3. In Test Mode Settings, enable Agency Campaigns or Ad Networks, or both.
    In Ad Networks, choose one or more ad networks and a fallback network.

Adding Test Devices

If you’re following the recommended method where you are using the Android Studio Plugin, simply choose VMAX >> Test Mode from the menu for testing options.
Here, you can choose one of four options.
Test Mode_059

  • Keep it disabled – to disable test mode for all devices with this build
  • For all devices – to enable test mode for all devices with this build
  • Matching Advertiser ID – specify one or more advertiser IDs (comma-separated) to enable test mode on these devices
  • Matching Device ID* from Network – specify the Device ID provided by AdMob or hash ID provided by Facebook Audience Network

Depending upon the selected option, the plugin will give you a code snippet that you can add to your project to enable test mode. Add test devices using the setTestDevices (int testMode, String… testDeviceIds) api which allows comma separated ids as parameters.

where the possible test mode values are as follows

Note: Majority of Mediation partners support test mode via their respective interface. Except Admob,Facebook and Unity Ads. Hence above function will help you to enable test mode for Programmatic Ads, Admob Ads, Facebook Ads and Unity ADs

Each Device’s AdvertiserID can be seen in its Developer Options screen, in addition the SDK displays the device’s AdvertiserID in the log under the tag “vmax”.

More information:
Obtaining the AdMob hashed device id
Obtaining the Facebook Audience Network hashed id

Using the Sample App

  1. Enter your package name besides applicationId.unnamed
  2. Build the package apk.
  3. Use this Sample app for testing purposes.