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InMobi Integration using iOS SDK

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Note: Due to recent changes on the InMobi dashboard, you need to upgrade to InMobi 7.0.4 for using InMobi native ads. Kindly update to the latest VMAX SDK (3.5.16 or above) for InMobi native ads to work properly.

Supported InMobi Version: 7.0.4
Supported Ad Formats: The VMAX SDK supports Banner, Billboard, Interstitial, Native Ads, Rewarded video & Instream video

You will need

  1. an active InMobi account.
  2. Property ID
  3. Placement ID
  4. Account ID
  5. the email address you use to sign in to your InMobi account. (for reporting)
  6. the password you use to sign in to your InMobi account. (for reporting)
  7. a 32-character string secret key. To know your secret key, contact the InMobi helpdesk. (for reporting)

In InMobi

In your InMobi account

  1. Add an App
  2. Create a Placement

Further Integration

Step 1: Integrate the VMAX Library Adapters for InMobi i.e. VMaxInmobiRewardedVideoAdapter.h, VMaxInmobiRewardedVideoAdapter.m, VMaxInmobiNativeAdapter, VMaxInmobiBannerAdapter and VMaxInmobiInterstitialAdapter .h & .m files from the Adapters .zip folder.

Step 2: Integrate the main framework file InMobiSDK.framework.

Step 3: Integrate the dependent framework files AdSupport.framework, AudioToolbox.framework, AVFoundation.framework, CoreLocation.framework, CoreTelephony.framework, EventKit.framework, EventKitUI.framework, MediaPlayer.framework, MessageUI.framework, Security.framework, Social.framework, StoreKit.framework, SystemConfiguration.framework, UIKit.framework, SafariServices.framework, libsqlite3.0.dylib and libc++.dylib.

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