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VMAX Unity Plugin for Windows Phone 8

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Step 1: Download the SDK

Before proceeding, ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of the VMAX SDK for Windows Phone 8 from here.

Step 2: Set up the SDK

Extract all the files from the SDK archive into a separate folder. It consists of the following folders and files:


This folder contains VMAX Unity Plugin package.

VMAXWP8UnityPlugin/packages/Mediation Partners

This folder contains the various mediation partners supported by VMAX Unity Plugin along with their mediators/adaptors.


This is a zip for a sample project that has the VMAX WP8 Unity plugin and the mediation partners integrated.

Step 3: Integrate the plugin

  1. Import the VMAX WP8 plugin into your Unity workspace.
    To do this, right click the Assets panel and select Import Package > Custom Package.
  2. If you are using the latest Unity with Version 5.x, then once you import the package, you need to make some additional settings that are mentioned below.
    a) Click on VMAXPlugin.dll found at Assets/Plugins. Now check its properties in the Inspector Window.
    b) Change the platform for the plugin from Any Platform to Editor and click on Apply.
    c) Click on VMAXPlugin.dll found at Assets/Plugins/WP8. Now check its properties in the Inspector Window.
    Ensure that its platform has been set to WP8Player.
    d) Check the Don’t process box in the Platform settings for all the dlls present in WP8 folder. Also remember to make this setting in case you add dlls for the mediation partners into the project.
    e) Select a placeholder dll for the plugin by setting the path to Assets/Plugins/VMAXPlugin.dll and click on Apply.
    This will now make your plugin work well even for Unity 5.x +.
    Note: If you are opening the sample supplied with this package in Unity 5.x, make sure you apply the above mentioned changes there as well.
  3. Select your Camera and add a script via the Inspector panel.
    Note: Ensure that it is a C Sharp script.
  4. Set the import directive in your script
    Note: This script will be used for Ad Invocation.
  5. Build the game in Unity Editor for Windows Phone 8.0 platform. Open the new Solution that got created due the build operation in Visual Studio (2012 / 2013).
  6. Perform the following in Visual Studio post the integration into Unity.
    For your application’s MainPage.xaml.cs, in the constructor, add the following:
    Make changes in the PhoneApplicationPage_BackKeyPress handler as:
    private void PhoneApplicationPage_BackKeyPress(object sender, CancelEventArgs e)

    This is done to enable the proper functioning of the back key in the app.
  7. Add the following capabilities to your project:

View the process of requesting ads here.