Apple Event: All the news that matters

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Almost a year and many leaked pictures later, the new iPhone is here. However, the iPhone 7 was unveiled almost towards the end of the launch event. Everything else that was announced until then made big news.

1. Super Mario on iPhone
In what could possibly be one of the biggest announcements, Apple has bagged the bragging rights to be the debut platform of choice for the first ever Super Mario Mobile game. Nintendo has teamed up with Apple to release Super Mario Run on iPhones, which comes out this December. Besides the traditional 2D Super Mario levels, the game promises many new levels and gameplay.

Super Mario Run’ Is Coming Exclusively To Apple iOS

2. Apple Watch: Series 2
There were speculations that Apple will update the Watch and they did not disappoint. Apple spent a lot of presentation time stressing on the fact that it is swim-proof and the fact that people can go swimming while wearing it. Other updates include a faster processor, brighter display, GPS for accurate stats while running and more. The watch comes in a bunch of new colors, aluminum, stainless steel and ceramic editions and will run Apple’s WatchOS 3 which was announced at WWDC this year.

Apple unveils the Apple Watch Series 2

3. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
While the event had just kicked off, an accidental tweet from Apple’s Twitter account gave away the look of the iPhone 7 and the fact that it’s water and dust resistant. When it was actually launched, it had a lot more to show.

  • The iconic mechanical home button is gone, it’s replaced with solid state, Force 3D Touch button interface which will use Apple’s Tactic Engine to offer a bunch of new functionalities
  • As touted earlier, the headphone jack is gone, and the lightning port will serve as the interface for headphones/earphones
  • Both iPhones now feature stereo speakers
  • The screen sizes stay the same over previous versions but now both the variants will feature a brighter display with a wider color gamut and color management capabilities
  • The camera on both the variants gets an overhaul, a 12 MP sensor, with optical image stabilization
  • The Plus phone gets dual camera one wide-angle and the other telephoto
  • The phones will come in storage sizes of 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB.
  • iOS 10 will release to public on September 13

Apple Announces iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus: A10 Fusion SoC, New Camera, Wide Color Gamut, Preorders Start Sept. 9th

4. Apple AirPods
The jury is out on the looks, but the AirPods are definitely an example of good innovation. They basically look like Apple’s EarPods, without the wires. They pair with the phone via Bluetooth and process is quite nifty. They come in a tiny white case, which one needs to just flip open and place it near the phone. One pop-up and a click later, the AirPods are connected and ready to go. There is a price to the innovation though. The AirPods will cost around USD 160 once available. This could however set the precedent for similar type of wireless earphones in the future.

Hands On: Apple’s AirPod Wireess Earphones Look Crazy, But Work Great