6 best practices for better app engagement and retention


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Deepak Abbot, Senior VP – Product Growth, Paytm

Since the advent of app stores, driving app installs has been the primary growth strategy for almost every developer. It has still not lost its sheen but today, smart marketers are going several levels up and focusing on engagement.This is leading to higher retention.

Today, uninstall rates, particularly on Google Play Store, are exceptionally high for most developers. Much of this can be attributed to poorly-developed apps but a lot of seemingly good apps are also making grave mistakes leading to poor retention.

Before you go crazy about driving engagement, you need to ensure that the core product offering is what users want and not what you want to push. Early indicators such as positive feedback from users, word of mouth, app reviews, conversions & transactions can help you ensure this and validate the product.

Once you are confident that the core works, it’s time to get down to fixing the leaks and ensuring that all the right engagement hooks are taken care of. Retention is directly dependent on how much attention you’ve paid to every detail.


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