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Integrating Mediation Partners – Windows 8 Unity Plugin


To support Mediation with partners:

  1. The “Mediation Partners” folder inside the “VMAXWP8UnityPlugin/” folder consists of all supported Client to Server integration partners like Admob, Microsoft, AdDuplex and their respective adapters/mediator dlls.
  2. Browse and add these dlls as assets in your unity project. Make sure you add these dlls in the proper folder. i.e. : Assets/Plugins/WP8.

For example- for mediating through AdMob, add the dlls which are present in the “AdMob” folder (GoogleAds.dll & AdMobMediator.dll) inside “Mediation Partners” to your unity project’s Assets/Plugins/WP8 folder.

  1. You can add/remove the dlls based on your choice of the mediation partners that you want. Just make sure to add/remove all the dlls for a specific partner that are present in the respective folder.(This will help you in reducing the unwanted size overhead).
  2.   The following table describes the files to be added for the respective mediation partners –
Partner Folder where respective mediation files placed(inside VMAXWP8UnityPlugin/ Mediation Partners) .dll Files to be selected and added as a reference to the Project
AdMob AdMob GoogleAds.dll
AdDuplex AdDuplex AdDuplex.WindowsPhone.dll
Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft.Advertising.Mobile.dll

Note :- In case you are trying to check the sample application provided with the plugin, directly open the solution in Visual Studio and run it. If you happen to rebuild the project in Unity IDE and then open in Visual Studio, make sure you do the necessary code additions to the MainPage.xaml.cs and also check with the capabilities as mentioned in the above documentation.

Read more on testing the integration here.