VMAX™ lets you make the most of different ad types enabling you to choose the one that best suits your app content and user experience.

Native ads

Native ads see great user engagement as they blend in effortlessly with the app content to provide a seamless experience.
Native ads can appear in your app or games as in-feed, content stream, tiles or icons.

Video ads

Video ads are best suited to quickly captivate your audience, conveying the advertiser’s message in a very short time.
You can leverage in-app transition spaces to display the video ad as an interstitial, or provide a seamless video experience with video ads that appear as a pre-roll ad in video content.

Incent ads

Incent ads are perfect for generating greater user engagement with your ads as they encourage users to interact with the ad in a way that it drives a particular outcome.
Users can unlock levels or earn virtual currency in gaming apps or unlock specific content in non-gaming apps by clicking on an offer wall or by watching a video.

Display ads

One of the most widely used ad type, display ads enable you to best utilize your app screen estate and can appear at a time and in a format best suited for your app experience.
You can have display ads appear as banner ads within the app content, or even as interstitial ads during transitions, providing an unobtrusive app experience.

    App Yield Maximized

  • Multiple ad types

  • Multiple ad partners

  • Global high fill-rates

  • Control & Customization

  • Unified Dashboard