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Testing the Integration – Windows Phone 8 SDK

You can test the SDK integration by setting your integration to Test mode for certain devices.

To add Test Devices

The VMAX SDK allows you to set a number of devices as Test Devices by passing their AdvertisingID to the SDK. You can add test devices by using the TestDevice property which takes a list of id (string) as its parameters.

Each Device’s AdvertisingID can be fetched by using the following piece of code in your application.

Once you have this list of device ids, this is how you can enable test mode.
The sdk exposes an API by name SetTestDevices() with a couple of parameters as:
SetTestDevices(VMAXAdView.TestMode testMode, List<string> listOfStringsOfDeviceIDs)

VMAXAdView.TestMode: This parameter will allow you to set the test mode that you want to set. It can have any of these values.
TEST_VIA_ADVID: this mode will need the list of device ids that is the second parameter. Test mode will be enabled for only those devices.
TEST_FOR_ALL_DEVICES: This mode will not require the list in the second parameter. You can pass a null there. All the devices will show test ads if this mode has been selected.
TEST_VIA_ID_FROM_NETWORKS: Reserved for future use.

Using this api you can set the test mode for your list of devices as shown below.