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Requesting Banner Ads – iOS SDK

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Supported Banner Sizes

WxH(Size) Description Availability
320×50 Standard Banner Phones
728×90 IAB Leaderboard Tablets

The SDK will automatically request the ad-size based on the user’s device.There isn’t a need for the developer to pass ad-size explicitly during integration.

To request a banner

Create an instance of the VMaxAdView for Banner Ads and conform to the delegate.

Creating the Ad View

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Set the frame of the AdView

Set the Frame for VMaxAdView prior to calling any methods of VMaxAdSDK in order to display ads properly. For a typical 320×50 ad placed at the bottom of the view, the code is as follows:

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[Optional] Setting Custom Refresh Rate

Set an Ad Refresh rate greater than the default of 30 seconds.
Note 1: The minimum Ad Refresh rate is 30 seconds; setting a lower value will default to 30 seconds.
Note 2: Refresh rate is valid for Banner Ads only; Billboard Ads are not supported

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Request Banner ad using cache + show API

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On caching success, onAdReady delegate is triggered after which developer is expected to call showAd.

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Request Banner ad using managed show API

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Knowing Ad States

Usage of Ad States :

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