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Requesting In-Content (pre-roll) Video Ads – Android SDK

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In-Content Video Ads is a video ad format that can be used to display video ads anywhere within your app in a linear manner (pre-roll) or after intervals (mid-roll, post-roll) as supported by the formats in conjunction with your video content. This creates a native ad experience for the end user.

Important Note: Since VMAX SDK version 3.5.18, we have enhanced the program instructions for in-content video ads. If you are using an older version of the VMAX SDK and want to use in-content ads, it is recommended that you upgrade at the earliest.

Note: Ensure that your video player is implementing VMAXVideoPlayer interfaces so that the VMAX SDK will be able to give the required events.

Requesting In-Content Video Ads

For 3.5.18 and above

For VMAX SDK versions 3.5.17 and below

Handling the VMAX activity life cycle

Additional Customization

You can choose to hide the default ad overlay controls and also allow a user to pause the ad.
Note: The Skip button in overlay controls cannot be hidden.

To hide the overlay controls

To allow users to pause ads

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