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VMAX SDK for Android – Alternative method

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Step 1: Download the SDK

Before proceeding, ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of the VMAX SDK for Android from here.

Step 2: Set up the SDK

Extract all the files from the SDK archive into a separate folder. It consists of the following folders and files:


Use this VMAX SDK if you use Eclipse as the environment for development. It consists of all- library(libs), resources(res), assets, and refer manifest entries here following the doc. Copy all the contents of these folder to your application project.

Android Studio/AndroidVMAXSDKAar/

This is the VMAX SDK for Android Studio packaged as an AAR Project.

Mediation Files/

This folder contains libraries (jar/aar/library projects) and adapters(java files with package) of the supported mediation partners. You can integrate these in Android Studio as well as Eclipse projects whichever format you find appropriate(jar/aar/library project)  for your project.


Step 3: If you’re using Android Studio

  1. Copy the file vmax.aar from Android Studio/AndroidVMAXSDKAar/ to your application libs folder.
  2. Include following dependency in build.gradle
  3. [Highly recommended] Add the Google Mobile Ads entry in build.gradle
  4. At any point of time if you get MultiDex issue then configure your app for multidex by following this documentation.

Alternatively, if you’re using Eclipse, follow the steps mentioned here.

Step 4: Setup Viewability SDK

Viewability is a metric for ensuring that an ad has the opportunity to be seen. For an ad to be considered viewable, the ad content must be within the viewport of App for a minimum period of time.
Advertisers these days are always careful about viewability metrics for ads and ensure that if they have been actually viewed by their valued targeted audience and not by Bots. viewability measurement has became necessary requirement for many Big brands and advertiser.
To measure viewability for In-App environment, your App needs to incorporate SDKs of viewability partners. MOAT & IAS are leading viewability vendors which advertiser and publisher use in Industry.
Advertiser are willing to pay premium price for viewable ad inventory. App publishers who don’t integrate viewability SDK may miss out on ad spending of premium brand & advertiser who’s prerequisite is viewable ad inventory. Hence We strongly recommend to use viewblity SDK to inccrease your revenue. To integrate viewability SDK follow the below steps.

  1. Copy the file VMX-moat-mobile-app-kit-2.4.1.aar from Android Studio/AndroidVMAXSDKAar/ViewAblitySDK to your application libs folder.
  2. Include following dependency in build.gradle
  3. Add Moat Adapter
    Create a package in your app and add the file to it.

Step 4: ProGuard Configuration

If you are running ProGuard on your Android application, ensure that the following directive is added in your ProGuard configuration file:
Note : For mediation partners proguard configuration refer individual partners document here

Step 5: Shrinking App Size using resource shrinker

Once you’re done with these preliminary steps, integrate one or more mediation partners from this list.