Simplify your app marketing with VMAX™ Knowledge Series

VMAX™ Knowledge Series

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You’ve built apps that inform users, entertain them, and assist them in their daily lives. Your apps simplify users’ lives. But who simplifies yours? Once you’ve built an app, aspects such as creating awareness about it, bringing in more users, enhancing the app experience and monetizing the app often make your life as an app entrepreneur, challenging.

To help simplify your life and your app’s journey for you, we along with Mobile10X are organizing the VMAX™ Knowledge Series – a consultative model for educating and equipping app entrepreneurs., the leading media platform for entrepreneurs, which promotes the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India, is an exclusive media partner to VMAX™ Knowledge Series.

VMAX™ Knowledge Series will delve into the various aspects of app journey, thereby equipping you with the insights and knowledge to build successful app-based startups.

The tremendous response to the first three editions has given us plenty to look forward to for the final session that is scheduled to take place on Friday 22nd July 2016. With every session we’ve raised the bar and keeping in line with the popularity of these sessions, we will be concluding the Knowledge Series with a bang.

Our Co-Founder & CEO, Dippak Khurana, will also be a part of this edition, where he will have a knowledge sharing session with all the budding app entrepreneurs. In this session, apart from the two modules by our marketing experts, you will also have a chance to ask Dippak anything you would like to know about building successful startups.

The Final Edition of VMAX™ Knowledge Series will take place on Friday 22nd July 2016, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Mobile10X hub in Bengaluru. Here’s the full schedule:

  • How to dissect app reviews and draw actionable insights – By Rishi Kudale, DGM – Research & Brand Marketing
  • How to tackle bad publicity – By Rachita Vaid, DGM – Communications & Content
  • Freewheeling session with Dippak Khurana, Co-Founder & CEO, VMAX™

If you’re an app startup from Bengaluru, don’t wait! Grab this opportunity to learn more on how to successfully market your app, as all the sessions are tailor-made for you. Sign up for the Final Edition of VMAX™ Knowledge Series here.

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