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Requesting Ads – Android Unity Plugin

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Points to Remember

  1. For SDK version below 3.6.0, to use marshmallow runtime permissions you need to call this once every app session before using any VMAXPlugin API:
  2. From version 3.5.3 onwards, the Android Support v4 Library is not mandatory for using the VMAX base SDK. Add the Android Support v4 Library only if specifically required by a mediation partner.
  3. Cache the next ad only after the previous ad is completely consumed. The same will be notified using the willDismissAd callback in SDK version below 3.6.0 and using the onAdDismissed callback in SDK version 3.6.0 onwards.
  4. Before showing an ad, pause all game sounds and animations that might interfere with an ad. You can resume the same after getting the willDismissAd callback (when the ad ends) in SDK version below 3.6.0 and onAdDismissed callback in SDK version 3.6.0 onwards.
  5. Follow the best practices of the ad networks that you wish to integrate.
  6. VMAX being a mediation platform will try to maximize the yield for you. It is not recommended to send another request for an ad if there is an unsuccessful attempt in fetching an ad. Please wait at least 30 seconds before requesting an ad after an unsuccessful fetch attempt.
  7. For video ads to perform optimally, please enable hardware acceleration by adding the following line in your manifest:

Requesting Ads

This needs to be called only once per application instance.