Boost your mobile ad revenues with VMAX™—the one-stop solution that gives you complete control over your app monetization. VMAX™ offers you free mediation to increase your mobile app revenue.

Choose the ad type that best suits your app

Vmax Mobile Ad Types
Whether it is display, video, native or incent, you can use the ad type that is best suited to your app monetization needs.
  • ➜  Native: can appear in frames for games or as in-feed content for non-gaming apps
  • ➜  Video: can be used as video interstitial ads during transitions in app or game play, or as pre-roll ads in video content
  • ➜  Incent: ads that encourage users to unlock levels or earn virtual currency in games, or unlock specific content in apps by clicking on an offer wall or by watching a video
  • ➜  Display: can be used as banner ads in app content or as interstitial ads during launch, exit or transitions

Get ads from multiple ad partners

Vmax Multiple Ad Partners
Ads for your apps are sourced from multiple ad partners such as ad networks, ad agencies and programmatic buyers. VMAX gives you access to global and regional ad partners. We currently have all key ad partners and continue to add more every month, ensuring higher revenue for your apps.

VMAX™ maximizes your yield

Vmax App Yield Maximized
On auto-drive, the VMAX™ algorithm finds the best source from multiple ad partners, be it for any ad type. This ensures maximum yield for your apps.

You can take complete control of your app monetization

Vmax App Monetization
In manual mode, you have complete control to decide where your ads come from. With VMAX™, you can fully manage your app monetization plan by setting:
CPM threshold for programmatic buyers
CPC benchmark for ad agency campaigns
Weightage for ad networks of choice
VMAX™ also allows you to customize your plan at a country-level.

Get a single view of your app monetization

Vmax Unified Dashboard
With our unified dashboard, you get a complete and transparent report of your app monetization across all your ad partners.

Global high fill rates for your inventory

Vmax High Ad Fill Rates
VMAX™ offers you higher fill rates for your inventory as ads are sourced from multiple ad agencies, Programmatic Buyers (DSPs), global and regional ad networks and your ad spots are open to multiple ad partners.

Pricing that you will love

VMAX™ Free Ad mediation
With VMAX™, ad mediation is completely free. You can make the most of your App Monetization without having to worry about how much it costs. View Details

Support teams that speak your language

Vmax Support team
On ground local presence across India and Southeast Asia to help you make the most of your App Monetization

Manual Drive

Vmax Inventory Distribution
Have complete control over your app monetization. You can set priorities for your inventory and earn maximum ad revenue from all your apps.

Inventory Distribution

Get maximum yield for your apps, choose the ad partner you want to integrate with and even prioritize how much inventory each ad partner can fill.

Pricing Threshold

More control over your app monetization as you set CPM thresholds for programmatic and CPC benchmarks for ad agency campaigns.
You can set these priorities not just for every app, but for every ad position within the app and every country.

Auto Drive

VMAX Auto-Drive Mode
You also have the option to run VMAX™ in auto-drive. In auto-drive mode, VMAX™ continues to bring you best-in-class yield maximization to increase your revenue from ads.

Campaign Filters

Vmax Campaign Filters
VMAX™ gives you the ability to set content filters for programmatic and ad agency campaigns according to advertiser category.

Unified Dashboard

Unified Dashboard
Get a complete and transparent report of your app monetization across all your ad partners. VMAX™ gives you a single window view and in-depth analysis of your app monetization through an intuitive and feature-rich UI.

Promote your own apps

Vmax Promote your own apps
Grow your app business. You can allocate a percentage of your inventory to promote your other apps. This feature is in beta and will be going live soon.