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VMAX SDK for Android

This document outlines the method to integrate the VMAX SDK for Android in Android Studio using the official plugin(Beta Version).

If you’re upgrading from an older version of the SDK or want to integrate manually, please follow this document instead.

Before commencing the integration, ensure that you have created the necessary adspots on the VMAX Control Panel.

Minimum Requirements

    Android Studio 2.2
    Java 8 Update 121 [Must]

Step 1: Download the SDK

Before proceeding, ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of the VMAX SDK for Android from here.

Extract all the files from the SDK archive into a separate folder. Plugin is available at below location:

Android Studio\Plugin\


Step 2: Install the Plugin

  1. In Android Studio, open File >> Settings.
  2. Click Plugins and then click the ‘Install plugin from disk’.
  3. Browse to the extracted plugin folder and choose the file #path.
  4. Click Ok to import the VMAX plugin. This plugin will then be available in the Menu as shown below.step_2

Alternatively, you can also download it from plugins repositories of Android Studio.

  1. Click Plugins and then click the ‘Browse repositories’.
  2. Search “vmax” into search bar and click on “VMAX Android Studio Plugin”.
  3. Click on Install Button. It will download and install VMAX Android Studio Plugin.


Step 3: Integrate using the Plugin

Open VMAX >> Setup SDK to integrate one or more mediation partners.


Simply select or clear the check boxes of different mediation partners under each ad format to activate or deactivate them. The plugin will automatically add all dependencies for the selected mediation partners. The plugin will also add any third party dependencies and any required code related to Proguard.
The documentation for requesting ads is available in VMAX >> Documentation.