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VMAX Unity Plugin for Android – Alternative Method

Follow these steps to import the plugin in your application .

  1. In the Unity workspace, right click on the Assets panel.
  2. Select Import Package > Custom Package to import the VMAX Android Unity plugin in your Unity workspace.
  3. Import ..Vmax-Android-Unity\Unity Package\Unity (version)\VmaxUnityPlugin\VmaxUnityPlugin.unitypackage

Please note that VMAX SDK is already obfuscated, shrunk, and optimized using ProGuard. For more information on ProGuard settings, read more here.

Note: Apps where the included Android framework methods, library methods, and methods in the code referenced in a single DEX file exceed 65,536 might face an error as follows:

More recent versions of the Android build system display a different error, which is an indication of the same problem:

Find more information read more on the Multidex issue here.

Once you’re done with these preliminary integration, read more on how to request ads.