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VMAX Unity Plugin for iOS

Before proceeding, ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of the VMAX Unity Plugin for iOS from here. Unzip this archive and place the contents in a folder. Integrate the VMAX Unity Plugin in your IDE.

If you’re using Unity 4, you are requested to update to Unity 5.

You can now use the your IDE to integrate ads using VMAX in your games and apps with just a few clicks. Follow the steps mentioned below:

To get the invocation code

  1. In the VMAX menu option, choose Configure Mediation.
  2. Click View Code to view the invocation code for a particular Ad format.
  3. For example: If you select ‘Native’, the invocation code will display like so (which you can also copy to Clipboard):
  4. Copy and paste the code in your scripts to get the ads and replace adSpotId with your own Adspot id.

To choose mediation partners

  1. On the Configure dialog box and click Add Mediation Partner or Edit Mediation Partner button to open the Mediation Partners list for that ad format.
  2. Choose one or more Mediation Partners and click Apply Changes.

To set the Test Mode

  1. In the VMAX menu, choose Test Mode.
  2. Select the desired test mode.

Firebase Setup

Importing frameworks

When choosing to display rewarded interstitial ads integrate Firebase frameworks into your Xcode project exported from Unity. Follow the steps mentioned below to add Firebase to your project.

    1. Drag and drop the Firebase folder containing the required frameworks onto your Xcode project’s Project Navigator window.


    1. Select ‘Copy items if needed’ in the import dialog. (You can also copy the Firebase folder to your Xcode project’s root directory and then drag-drop it from there into Xcode)


    1. Make sure that Firebase is listed under your Targets > Build Settings > Framework Search Paths. This is automatically done by Xcode but if not, you may manually do the same.


Other Menus

  • Access to the latest documentation is available in VMAX >> Documentation.
  • Version information of the plugin is available in VMAX >> About VMAX.