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Types of Ad Formats

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The VMAX arsenal supports an array of ad types to help you maximize your yield.


Also known as “display ads”, banner advertisements are a form of graphical ads, typically including a combination of static or animated images, text and/or video designed to convey a marketing message and/or cause the user to take an action. Banner dimensions are typically defined by width and height, represented in pixels, and are displayed over a portion of the app’s or game’s existing content.


Recommended for: All Apps and Games


Ad units displayed at natural pauses as a user navigates within an app or game. The ad appears after the user leaves the initial screen, but before the target screen displays on the user’s screen. Typically, the ad displays a full-screen image or rich-media.


Recommended for: All Apps and Games

Rewarded video

Ads that reward users with virtual currency or premium content for viewing video trailers.

Rewarded video

Recommended for: All Games


Ads that are consistent with the form and function of the existing app design. Native Ads can be of the following types: in-feed, content stream, icon and tile.

In-Feed Native ads

They provide a short but integrated ad experience with a layout that matches your app’s design.


Recommended for: Ebook readers, online newspapers, and text-based games

Content Stream Native ads

They are in-stream rich media ads that matches your app’s content and design.


Recommended for: Ebook readers, online newspapers, and text-based games

Icon Native ads

This is an ideal ad format for image-rich games and apps. In-game images such as building promotional banners, hoardings around soccer grounds, lamp post signs can now be used to display ads in real-time without hampering a user’s experience. When a user clicks on an icon ad, a pop-up is displayed for the chosen offer.

native icon

Recommended for: Image-rich games and apps

Tile Native ads

The recent years have seen a surge in the use of tiles instead of text and accompanying images for displaying information in an intuitive manner. This is true for most apps that deliver multimedia. We’ve released this new format specifically for such apps giving them the capability to display native ads that look consistent with the form and function of the existing app design. When a user clicks on a tile ad, a browser page is displayed for the chosen offer.

native tile

Recommended for: Multimedia Apps that display information in square tiles

Interstitial video

Full-screen video ads that are displayed at natural pauses in the app or game.


Recommended for: All Apps and Games


Ads that reward users for viewing video trailers or playing advertised games.


Recommended for: Games

Pre roll video

Video commercials displayed just before playing the video selected by a user.


Recommended for: Video players

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