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VMAX Unity Plugin for Android

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This document outlines the steps to integrate the VMAX SDK for Unity games using plugin approach
If you’re upgrading from an older version of the SDK or want to integrate manually, please follow this document instead.

Download the Unity Plugin

Before proceeding, ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of the VMAX Unity Plugin for Android from here.

Extract all the files from the Unity Plugin archive into a separate folder. It consists of the following folders and files:

/Unity Package/Unity 5/GUI Plugin/VmaxEditorPlugin
This file VmaxEditorPlugin.unitypackage is specifically designed for Unity 5 and above. It will add a menu item VMAX after importing. This is the recommended approach for integration

/Sample Apps/
Shows the code snippet for requesting ads. It contains a folder Icon Ad Sample that contains a package for requesting native icon ads and a folder VmaxSample that contains a script for requesting all ad-formats except native.

/Unity Package/Unity 5/Manual
This folder contains all libraries for all supported ad partners for integration using manual approach.

Specifies the current version of SDK.

Import the Unity Editor Plugin

Once, you’ve downloaded the latest version of the VMAX Unity plugin, follow these steps to import the plugin in your application.

  1. In the Unity workspace, right click on the Assets panel.
  2. Select Import Package > Custom Package to import the VMAX Android Unity plugin in your Unity workspace. Choose the package ..Vmax-Android-Unity\Unity Package\Unity (version)\GUI Plugin\VmaxEditorPlugin.unitypackage for Unity 5.
  3. After the import is complete, you will see a new menu: VMAX.
    VMAX menu

Please note that VMAX SDK is already obfuscated, shrunk, and optimised using ProGuard. For more information on ProGuard settings, read more here.

Configure Mediation

From the VMAX menu, choose Configure Mediation. This will open a new dialog box.
Configure Mediation Here, click View Code to view program code related to an ad format or click Add Mediation Partner to choose one or more ad networks.

Add/Edit Mediation Partner

Click this button to add one or more ad networks for an ad format. For example, click Add Mediation Partner next to Banners to see an image similar to this one.
Select Mediation Partner Here, you can choose one or more partners and then click Apply Changes to add and display them in the list on the Configure dialog box. To remove a partner, simply remove it from the list here or click Edit Mediation Partner, uncheck it and click Apply Changes.

View Code

Click this button to refer API usage of requesting ads

Read more on how to request ads here.