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Requesting Incent-based Ads – Android SDK

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Incentivized mobile ad networks allow app developers and mobile advertisers to reward users for an action. The user is required to complete a specific task in exchange for a prize, such as virtual currency. So increase your app revenue by serving offers and monetizing your non-paying users.

Reward Video Incent Partners

VMAX provides integration with Adcolony, Vungle, UnityAds, and Chartboost for Reward Video Incent Ads. VMAX provides unified rewarding system for above listed partners. A developer/publisher can configure reward amount and maximum impression cap on VMAX dashboard for respective Adspot. The VMAX SDK supports wallet management to maintain the walletElement, also known as the currency name that stores respective currency amount or total reward amount and provides provision for getting total virtual currency, spending virtual currency, and awarding virtual currency.

Note: Some partners like Chartboost support incent pre-roll and post-roll messages via their interface. So make sure to turn off pre-roll and post-roll messages when using the VMAX Incent Reward code.

To initialize wallet with rewarded video ads

Passing Custom Data

The VMAX SDK allows you to pass extra data that is then available in a postback URL.

Visit the VMAX Control Panel and enter the postback URL in Settings >> Apps and Adspots >> Rewarded Video Adspots. Once you define the key value pairs here, and configure the postback URL, you will get these keys and values as additional URL parameters on your server.

OfferWall Incent Partners

To enable mediation for an adspot, fill the required details on the VMAX interface.

Assuming that we use the same wallet for Rewarded Videos as well as OfferWalls, the walletElememt can be kept common. You can also have a different walletElement to maintain different currency name for OfferWalls.

To initialize wallet with OfferWall video ads

Note: To get Bee7 test campaigns, set the vendor id provided by bee7 in Bee7Offerwall.java


VMAX allows you to cache a rewarded video ad in one Activity and show it in a different Activity.

To Cache Rewarded Videos

To Show Rewarded Videos

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