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Requesting Rewarded Video Incent Ads – iOS SDK

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Note: Some partners like Chartboost support incent pre-roll and post-roll messages via their interface. So make sure to turn OFF pre-roll and post-roll messages while using VMAX Rewarded Video Incent Ads.

Initializing Wallet with Rewarded Video Ads

Import the header files for Rewarded Videos.

Creating walletElement instance

The VMAX SDK allows you to pass extra data to identify users for serving targeted campaign ads. Read more.

Objective CSwift

Wallet Delegates

Implement following delegate methods in your Wallet delegate

Create Rewarded Video instance

The VMAX SDK allows you to pass extra data that is then available in a postback URL. Visit the VMAX Control Panel and enter the postback URL in Settings >> Apps and Adspots >> Rewarded Video Adspots. Once you define the key value pairs here, and configure the postback URL, you will get these keys and values as additional URL parameters on your server.

Objective CSwift

Rewarded Video Callbacks

Enable or disable rewarded video popup

Customise a rewarded video popup

Postback URL for rewarded videos

To add the postback URL for rewarded videos, visit Settings >> Apps and Adspots >> Rewarded Video Adspots

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