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Requesting In-Stream Video Ads – iOS SDK

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In-Stream Video Ads is a video ad format that can be used to display video ads in a video ad player. These can be either pre-roll ads, mid-roll ads or post-roll ads. Currently, we support demand from Google’s Interactive Media Ads (IMA) & InMobi.

The VMAX in-stream video ad implementation simplifies the display of in-stream video ads by rendering ads in the host app seamlessly whilst also allowing customisation.

Requesting In-Stream Video Ads

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  1. Use the below listed APIs to control visibility/text/color/font-size of the overlay UI elements.slide1 slide2
    Objective CSwift
  2. Use the below APIs to hide or show all of the overlay controls.
    Objective CSwift
  3. Use the below APIs to Diasable auto handling media click on Expand/Collapse button.
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  4. API to set orientation on Expand media
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There are a few API’s to note when implementing in-stream video ads as follows



Objective CSwift

Alternative approach of scheduling Ads using playlist :

The process of placing ads into video content involves two basic steps:

1) Defining the structure of the ad inventory such as the opportunities within the video content for servingads (or ad breaks), their quantity, their position in the content timeline, the number of ads allowed, and so on

2) Defining the ads to fill the ad inventory

VMAX iOS SDK allows you to achieve this using IAB VMAP. VMAP defines the structure for the ad inventory (1), and VAST defines the ads that fill the inventory (2).

Currently VMAX SDK supports VMAP if used in conjuction with Google IMA SDK. For more information,