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Integrating Mediation Partners for Windows Phone 8.1

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To support Mediation with partners:

  1. The “Mediation Partners” folder inside the “VMAXSDKWP81/packages”  folder consists of all supported Client to Server integration partners like Microsoft,  AdDuplex and their respective adapters/mediator dlls.
  2. Browse and add references to the dlls/Extensions  in your project that are present in the corresponding folder.(refer to the below table)

For example- for mediating through Microsoft, add the reference of the dlls to your project which are  present in the “Microsoft” folder (MicrosoftAdMediator.dll) & Microsoft Universal Ad SDK Extension.

  1. You can add/remove the dlls/Extensions based on your choice of the mediation partners that you want. Just make sure to add/remove all the dlls/Extensions for a specific partner that are present in the respective folder.(This will help you in reducing the unwanted size overhead)
  2. The following table describes the files to be added for the respective mediation partners –
Partner Folder where respective mediation files placed (inside VMAXSDKWP81/packages/Mediation Partners) .dll/Extensions to be selected and added as a reference to the Project.
AdDuplex AdDuplex AdDuplex SDK for Windows Phone 8.1 (XAML) (Extension)AdDuplexMediator_WP81.dll
Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft Universal Ad SDK for Windows (Extension)MicrosoftAdMediator.dll

Note :- To install “Microsoft Advertising SDK for XAML” & “AdDuplex SDK for Universal Apps” Extensions please visit the hyperlinks mentioned in the table and perform the steps necessary to install the SDKs.

Read more on testing the integration here.