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Vungle Integration using iOS Unity

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Current Vungle Version: 3.2.0

Supported Ad Formats: The VMAX SDK supports Interstitials, Interstitial Video Ads, and Rewarded Video Ads from Vungle.

You will need

  1. an active Vungle account
  2. your Vungle Application ID
  3. your Reporting API ID
  4. your Reporting API Key

In Vungle

In your Vungle account

  1. Add an App
  2. Read the Vungle documentation on how to find the Vungle App ID.
  3. For reporting, find out how to obtain the Reporting API ID and the Reporting API Key.

Further Integration

Step 1: Integrate the VMAX Library Adapters VMaxVungleInterstitialAdapter.h and VMaxVungleInterstitialAdapter.m from the Adapters .zip folder.

Step 2: Integrate the main framework file VungleSDK.embeddedframework.

Step 3: Integrate the dependent framework files AdSupport.framework, AudioToolbox.framework, AVFoundation.framework, CFNetwork.framework, CoreGraphics.framework, CoreMedia.framework, Foundation.framework, MediaPlayer.framework, QuartzCore.framework, StoreKit.framework, SystemConfiguration.framework, UIKit.framework, libz.dylib, and libsqlite3.dylib.

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