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Requesting Interstitial Ads – Windows Phone 8 Unity Plugin

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The VMAX Unity Plugin provides various mechanisms to request for Ads in your Unity game. The plugin provides Ad request methods for Interstitials and Banners.

To request an Interstitial Ad:

  1. Construct an object of the Class VMAXWP8Plugin.
  2. Using the SetAdspotId() API, set an appropriate Adspot.
  3. Using the SetAdUXType() API and the enum AdUXType to pass a parameter, set the Ad type as Interstitial.
  4. After initialization, request for an Interstitial Ad, in any of the following 2 ways:
    For a managed interstitial ad request, call the loadAd() API.
    The example below is set up to show an Interstitial Ad. VMAX recommends to call this function from the OnGUI () function.
    For an unmanaged interstitial ad request, call the CacheAd() API.
    Show the cached ad whenever you wish to, using the showAd() API.
    The example below is set up to show an Interstitial Ad using CacheAd() and ShowAd() APIs combination. VMAX recommends to call these functions from the OnGUI () function.

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