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Testing the Integration – iOS Cocos2d-x Plugin

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The SDK Integration can be tested by either setting your integration to test mode for certain devices or by using the Test Adspots provided by VMAX.

Adding Test Devices

The SDK allows you to set a number of Devices as Test Devices by passing their AdvertisingID to the SDK. You can add test devices using the below api provided on VMaxAdView

Objective CSwift

Test mode possible values

kVMaxTestMode_TEST_via_ADVID (1) This means the second argument should be the Apple Advertisement ID. This is for Vserv test Ads.
kVMaxTestMode_TEST_via_ID_FROM_NETWORKS (2) This means the second argument should be hashed ID displayed in logcat by mediation partner Admob or Facebook
kVMaxTestMode_TEST_FOR_ALL_DEVICES (3) This means the second argument should be null so as to enable test mode for all devices. Be sure to comment this before going live.

Note: A majority of mediation partners support test mode via their respective interface; except Admob, Facebook and Unity Ads. Hence the above api’s will help you to enable test mode for Vserv Ads, Admob Ads, Facebook Ads and Unity Ads

Each Device’s AdvertiserID can be seen in Console Logs with the tag ~ “Current Device IDFA”

Using Sample App

The sample app which is provided with the SDK has no bundle identifier configured in it. You have to configure it with the bundle identifier that is linked with your VMAX adspot.


Note: In the sample app, Test mode is enabled for kVMaxTestMode_TEST_FOR_ALL_DEVICES