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Requesting Ads – iOS SDK

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Points to Remember

  1. Cache the next ad only after the previous ad is completely consumed. The same will be notified using the willDismissAd callback.
  2. Before showing an ad, pause all game sounds and animations that might interfere with an ad. You can resume the same after getting the willDismissAd callback (when the ad ends).
  3. Follow the best practices of the ad networks that you wish to integrate.
  4. VMAX being a mediation platform will try to maximize the yield for you. It is not recommended to send another request for an ad if there is an unsuccessful attempt at fetching an ad. Please wait at least 30 seconds before requesting an ad after an unsuccessful fetch attempt.

Requesting Ads

A banner adspot typically covers up to 20% of the app’s visible area. You can use banners that are displayed at the top or bottom of the app/game content. Banner ads are display / richmedia ads which can either be sticky on in-line with your app.
Click here for Integrating Banner Ads


A billboard adspot typically between 20% and 70% of the app’s visible area. You can use billboards that are displayed at the top or bottom of the app/game content. Static or animated ads displayed over a portion of the app’s or game’s existing content.
Click here for Integrating Billboard Ads


InterstitialA Interstitial adspot typically covers up the app’s entire visible area. You can either use interstitial ads (static, rich media and video) as well as content stream ads. Full-screen image, rich-media, or video ads that are displayed at natural pauses in the app or game
Click here for Integrating Interstitial Ads

Rewarded video

Rewarded videoAds that reward users with virtual currency or premium content for viewing video trailers. Ads that reward users with virtual currency or premium content for viewing video trailers. You can use this adspot to show rewarded video ads that can be used to reward users with in-app currency on view or completing actions. 
Click here for Integrating Rewarded Video Ads

In-Stream Video

pre-roll-videoVideo commercials displayed in the same area where you will play the video content selected by a user.Video commercials displayed just before (pre-roll), in-between (mid-roll) or after (post-roll) playing the video content selected by a user
Click here for Integrating Video In-Stream Ads

In-Stream Audio

Audio ads played seamlessly into the users listening experience before, during or after audio content with accompanied by ad image with call to action

Click here for Integrating Audio In-Stream Ads





Ads that are consistent with the form and function of the existing app design. Native Ads can be of the following types: in-feed, content stream, and tile. Click here for Integrating Native Ads

native iconnative-content-streamnative tile Native